Dónde está Che Pelotas?
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
  I walk the Bolivian Desert
It's still a mystery who exactly I am. Here is part one of a series of installments from my journal: a visual meditation and a verbal exploration of Che's pondering thoughts as he walks the desert of south-western Bolivia. His thoughts can only bring to mind the true essence belying the desert heart: an emptiness, a nothingness, the meaning of eternal life. As Jesus once pondered his thoughts in the desert, it was only a matter of time he needed to confront the Devil himself. Our modern day Jesus, Che Pelotas, confronts his thoughts with the devil in another disguise: interpol's very own Koharski.

(((click here to view)))
His whereabouts are unknown. He's considered armed and dangerous, and is on Interpol's Most Wanted List. If seen, contact authorities immediately.

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